Your home office should be ….

Your home office should be ….

Your home office should be reflective of an environment where you combine efficiency with familiarity and comfort.


When you think of
redesigning your house,
your office is typically
not the first place to
come to mind.

But why is that the case? Your home office should be reflective of an environment where you combine efficiency with familiarity and comfort. Why not create an inviting home office space to get your creative juices flowing! And one you’d feel comfortable showing off to clients and friends alike. A home office should be a subtle combination of hospitality and professionalism, a space where you feel ready to tackle any and every business need without the look or feel of a 6’x6’, gray cubicle.

Use the theme and layout of your home to your advantage, examining where the lighting works best. From there, take a look at the setup of the room; No one likes tripping over ugly wires from a poorly placed outlet, or working in the dark. With practicality in mind, the desk usually serves as a focal point of the room, so placement is crucial. The key to a great office is finding practical pieces that you won’t ever get tired of seeing or using, and will (almost) make you want to bring your work home with you!

Before remodeling your home office, know your best work conditions. Whether you’re a minimalist looking for a sleek, white wood and clear glass perspective, or enjoy the thought of embellishing your home with heavy, dark oak desk, identify the elements that make you feel most comfortable and we’ll incorporate them into a design for your new home office space. The most difficult aspect is settling on a color scheme you won’t regret that fits the rest of the house. Then leave the rest to us! As I mentioned in a previous post, I prefer combinations of warm colors: reds, browns, earthy greens and gold. I gravitate to these colors every time I shop, and keep this color scheme in mind with a combination of styles I know I enjoy. There are countless ways to mix my preferences for colors and styles that spiced up or subdue a welcoming work area for whatever fits my daily needs. Let’s figure out what works best for yours!

If you’re starting from scratch, choose a space you can keep organized and keep the clutter to a minimum. Whether you want to invite clients into your home office, or use the area solely for your own “Important Documents” repository, don’t compromise the aesthetic of the rest of your home for business. Prioritize your most used items and organize them for easy access to your desk. We can find spaces to neatly hide store all of your important supplies.

Home is where the heart is, so when your heart has a passion for your profession, having an environment in which you’re comfortable growing your business is important. Don’t underestimate the importance of a livable, personalized office space. Please feel free to contact us to renovate your office area so you can look and feel good about the work you do in and out of the home.

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