Treat Yourself with Texture

Treat Yourself with Texture

“The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it.” -Daniel Gilbert


Uneven rows of fuzzy corduroy, sleek, sturdy leather, crisp linen– in the world of fabrics, texture creates the atmosphere of the room. Many designers will ask you to give them a vision of how the room is supposed to look entirely based on aesthetic. At Penàge, we want to know how you’d like the room to feel. Fabric can determine the atmosphere as well as the functionality of an area, so although silk feels great to the touch, it won’t be your first choice in a room where a two year old likes to finger pain.


Creating a specific ambiance in a room is more than just choosing a color palette. Rougher textures make a room feel heavier, while smoother surfaces make a room feel lighter. When choosing texture, it can be important to take into consideration the reflectiveness of lighting, the visuality of the texture, as well as the feel, the quantity and sustainability. Smooth textures work to make a room feel cooler, because light reflects off their surface, making the space appear larger. Larger space often creates a more distant, organized feeling in the room, keeping the ambiance cooler in tone. This accomplishes the sleek, modern look, whereas “cozy” rooms often have a lot of textured fabrics that absorb the light and give the room a heavier, grounded feel, enticing people to stick around.


These rules extend to further than the fabric on your furniture—even hardwood floors versus carpet, glass or wood coffee tables, chair skirts or bare legs can make all the difference in how the room feels, both physically and mentally. It’s also important to be aware of how much of one type of texture you’re using. Although you might love denim with all your heart, or swoon at the sight of velvet, it’s usually best not to washout the room by keeping it all one color or fabric.


Texture can come from a multitude of places. For example, exposed brick walls automatically add a rough texture that can be accented or balanced. Or the walls could be sleek and white, and you might want to create a warmer atmosphere through rugs or interesting ceiling pieces. You can mix up geometric shapes of the textures you choose: so throw in some patterned floor tiles, or a marble accent wall in wallpapered room. Wall decorations, such as staggering shelves with trinkets, family photos, sculptures, or paintings.


Texture can make small spaces seem larger or large spaces appear more personable. It can create a theme that encourages a certain type of behavior in a room: come in and stay for a while, dine and dash, sleep tight. It can be difficult to find the proper balance. Leave it to us to help you find the best combination of your favorite textures for a room you’ll love. So treat yo’self with texture with Penàge Inc.


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