Light. Sound. Action.

Light. Sound. Action.

Why have good taste if you can’t see it? Lighting can change the game for a room’s dynamic. There are a multitude of lighting styles, from reading lighting to party lighting. There are five main characteristics to take into consideration when choosing a lamp: size, shape, lightbulb, location, and occasion.

Firstly, don’t shy away from doing a combination of floor and table lighting. The variety of lamps can add more light, different shades, and even art to an area. For overhead lighting, be careful in choosing size and style-the dimensions of the overhead piece should complement (not necessarily match) your area, but avoid being an eyesore. If you combine it with the other lamps in the room, you can change the tone of the area to be soft or harsh, depending on its purpose.

Along that vein of thought, overhead lighting has the potential to be too harsh on the eyes by being too bright or too dull, if done incorrectly. Ceiling lighting, particularly canned lighting, should never be the only source of light in a room, otherwise you risk making your ceiling look like an emergency exit strip and leave your guests squinting or shading their eyes. Soften a room by adding lamps in strategic locations, such as on a bedside table, or a floor lamp by the sofa to create a cozy reading or chatting space.


In the world of lamps, size does matter. As a personal guideline, we don’t like to use table lamps where you can see the neck of the lightbulb, or the lightbulb socket from a seated position. That generally means your lamp is too tall for the area, but this can be counteracted by choosing the best shade to cover the lamp. Just keep in mind that mixing bases and matching shades is a fun way to keep consistency of appearance and lighting style, but jazz things up a bit in the process.

The fabric for the lampshade and the lightbulb complete the lighting process. For more evenly distributed lighting, linen or burlap lampshades get the job done right.  But if you want more intense lighting, white fabric is the way to go. To add a little atmosphere, fabric-covered shades will create ambience, but might require more maintenance cleaning-wise. Choosing the lightbulb is important to make sure you’re using the most environmentally friendly, wattage compatible bulb available, that still has the tone of lighting you want for the area. Lightbulbs range from incandescent lighting to halogen to fluorescent to LED, so be sure to choose the one that works with your base.

The final touches are placement: using the outlets and natural light already available to the room to create a look that is both stylish and won’t harm anyone by tripping over unsightly cords, or misplacing a lamp. This is a lot to think about and calculate all at once when shopping for a lamp, so leave it to the experts. At Penàge, we’re more than happy to find the perfect fit for whatever your lighting needs will be in your home. Please feel free to contact us for all your decorating needs. Don’t stay in the dark, see the light with Penàge Inc.

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