Getting Started

Getting Started

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, there are plenty of reasons to redecorate your space. What better place to start than with Penàge?

Decorating can seem like the chicken or the egg conundrum: you’re never quite sure where to start. If you watch any home decorating show, you often see a project get started, but run into unexpected issues in time, vision, or budget from a miscommunication. To avoid these kinds of obstacles, get a consultation from your interior designer before beginning the process. This can save you time, money, and headaches simply by seeking the right preparation and advice well in advance.

Here at Penàge, the consulting process begins with questions about the desired functionality, the desired image, and the desired budget of an area being redesigned. For a practical example, you don’t want to spend a large sum of money on antique furniture in a playroom for your children, where anything sticky or colorful can and will end up from little kid’s fingers to big people’s chairs and tables. We take into consideration where you are in terms of family life and friend visits, children or pets, upsizing or downsizing. You tell us what you want to get from your home, and how long term you imagine these transformations.

To go back to our original example, you might want your children’s playroom transformed into an entertainment center for your teenagers. You might want to redesign a room on the first floor to be your bedroom, because the stairs are getting harder and harder on your knees. You might want to change up your kitchen to have a lighter color palette, or different lighting. Not matter what the new home adventure might be, let us in on your need, and we’ll help take the lead.

Knowing the limitations of the space by measurements is an important first step. Certain art or furniture won’t fit comfortably in a space. Also learning to take some pieces and give some pieces up. Maybe repurposing them for another part of the house. Interior design is often about optimizational compromise: make the most people happy for the least amount of money while maintaining sentimentality and functionality.

Be conscious of your budget. Categorize your image for the room into what you absolutely need and what you want (and what you want, but could live without). We don’t want to make you spend a penny more than is absolutely necessary for the look you’re going for, but we won’t sacrifice image or function. We have several favorite sources for all levels of redecorating: adding new artwork, switching out the furniture, mixing the paint to get the exact color.
There are larger scale redecorating jobs, and smaller scale redecorating jobs, but no matter where you fall on that spectrum, we’ll be happy to help you transform your house into your home.

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