Design by Color

Design by Color

If you’re one of Alabama’s many snowbirds here to escape the winter months from elsewhere, we can make your home-away-from-home the perfect seasonal getaway with a color scheme that highlights the winter vacation months and utilizes practical pieces for the time of year and the duration you’re here.

Instead of connecting your color scheme to a season, we can discuss color options based on your personalities, or preferences in regards to daily activities. Some people have a preference for bright, clashing colors that add flavor to the architecture of a living area, while others prefer simplistic.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to going colorful (bright or subdued), versus going classic and minimalist with an all white scheme.

Colors create feelings. The psychology of colors paint the feelings we have about certain rooms in our home.

Yellow gives feelings of optimism.

Orange comes across as friendly and confident.

Red is bold, exciting, trendy; Its associations induce hunger, so the inside of restaurants and many food company logos often have red accents to subconsciously get your brain hungry.

Historically, purple indicates upper-class associations, as well as wisdom and creativity.

As we all know from our fair share of crime shows, blue expresses trust and strength.

Green marks health and peace of mind, and brown brings stability and support.

Blues and greens tend to work better in more informal, or private spaces for relaxation, and greys mixed with browns and greens can go warm or cool in tone.


A good trick to keep in mind for making a space look larger is decorating dark to light from bottom to top. Ground your room by putting darker colors from your palette in your rugs, and furniture, then with regards to paint jobs, keep the ceiling a lighter shade to allude to more space. This imitates exterior influences in a subtle way, from dark grounds to medium shades in buildings and trees to a light skyline.

We like to start with the more formal areas of your home. From there, we take a key color in the palette and work it in different, subtle ways throughout the rest of your home. Getting to know what personality you envision for your home is important in this process; If you enjoy wearing a certain color, or fabric, we can incorporate it into the rooms with accent pieces.

Alternatively, black and white are always options, if you’d rather not have the pressure of choosing  a color. White is a blank slate, and black can make any colors you do choose look more vibrant. White walls give you the opportunity to hang whatever artwork your heart desires, putting the emphasis on the items in the room, rather than the room itself. It also gives a more open feeling, the allusion that the room is larger than it is.

Balancing the color ratios, using colors to manipulate the appearance of room size, and picking the right level of warm or cool can be tricky. From rainbow to whitewash, let us handle your decorating needs at Penàge Inc.

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