Create A Stylish And Comfortable Home With ARTWORK In FIVE EASY STEPS!

Create A Stylish And Comfortable Home With ARTWORK In FIVE EASY STEPS!

Everyone wants a unique, comfortable, and stylish home, but how do you accomplish this seemingly frustrating task without having to sacrifice your own personal style? Don’t fret, this task may seem to be challenging, but it is, in fact, not that difficult at all! The answer is as simple as knowing how to pick out the right artwork for your home.  Below, you will find FIVE ESSENTIAL TIPS which will help you next time you decide to go shopping.

  1. The most important tip that anyone can offer you is to BUY WHAT YOU LOVE! If you find something that matches your personality, you will have no problem finding a space for it! Also, if you connect with a piece of artwork, you will find yourself enjoying it for a longer period of time. It is your home, and you definitely want to feel comfortable.
  2. You should first consider the room. Ask yourself, what feeling do I want to create for the space? For example, if you are looking to create a warm, welcoming feeling for the room, you may want to choose pieces of artwork that exhibit colors that give you a warm, cozy feeling.
  3. The size of the artwork is extremely important! If you want to create a bold, large statement, you should add larger pieces of artwork. You can also create a collage of several smaller pieces to create a bold, unique statement. Tip: Add a mirror to the collage to create a unique look!
  4. Focus on patterns that are appealing to you. For example, if you are attracted to a particular pattern scheme every time you go shopping, you should focus on creating a space that exhibits the pattern scheme. Focusing on similar pattern schemes will ultimately create a theme for the room, which in turn will showcase your unique, fun personality!
  5. Decide on whether you prefer a modern or traditional look. If you lean toward a more modern look, you should focus on sleek pieces of artwork or photography. If you prefer a look that’s more traditional, focus on artwork that incorporates a softer feel.

First focus on what you LOVE! If you CONNECT with a piece of artwork, and it makes you feel good, you will be less likely to become bored with it. Pay attention to patterns that attract you, there’s a reason why you keep going back to look at the same piece or type of artwork! Decide on a theme and a feeling that you want to create for the room and choose artwork for the walls that encourage that type of feeling. And last but not least, don’t be afraid to be original!  If you find yourself eyeballing several smaller pieces of artwork, mirrors, and/or photographs, use all of them and create a collage!



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