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Bench Warmer

Cornbread, sweet tea, and rocking chairs--all Southern staples. The best memories come from sitting down with new and old friends and family in the comfort of your own home.   If there is one item in which you should invest for your decor, it should be whatever seating will receive the most volume of people [...]
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10 of our favorite ways to give a room a makeover

Traditional artists look to a blank page to start their masterpiece. For an interior designer, our beginnings stem from our customers, and our inspiration stems from a 3D canvas. Rain or shine, night or day, our art is 24/7. Customized to the recipient: people of all ages seek, use, and cherish our art. We create [...]
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Design by Color

If you’re one of Alabama’s many snowbirds here to escape the winter months from elsewhere, we can make your home-away-from-home the perfect seasonal getaway with a color scheme that highlights the winter vacation months and utilizes practical pieces for the time of year and the duration you’re here. Instead of connecting your color scheme to [...]
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Light. Sound. Action.

Why have good taste if you can’t see it? Lighting can change the game for a room’s dynamic. There are a multitude of lighting styles, from reading lighting to party lighting. There are five main characteristics to take into consideration when choosing a lamp: size, shape, lightbulb, location, and occasion. Firstly, don’t shy away from [...]
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Let’s talk about Linens…

They cover the windows, the tables, the bathrooms, the bedrooms. If linens are the eyelids of your home, there’s more than meets the eye. This multipurpose fabric has a rich history and diverse portfolio for uses. Here’s our quick guide to how to use linens in your home. But before we dive into the ins [...]
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Create A Stylish And Comfortable Home With ARTWORK In FIVE EASY STEPS!

Everyone wants a unique, comfortable, and stylish home, but how do you accomplish this seemingly frustrating task without having to sacrifice your own personal style? Don't fret, this task may seem to be challenging, but it is, in fact, not that difficult at all! The answer is as simple as knowing how to pick out [...]
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