10 of our favorite ways to give a room a makeover

10 of our favorite ways to give a room a makeover

Traditional artists look to a blank page to start their masterpiece. For an interior designer, our beginnings stem from our customers, and our inspiration stems from a 3D canvas. Rain or shine, night or day, our art is 24/7. Customized to the recipient: people of all ages seek, use, and cherish our art. We create spaces that best fit the needs of our clients-whether that be a comfortable living room for hosting a football party, or a soft nursery for your future football fan, Penàge does it all. We work with our clients to choose our color pallette, our medium, our components. Penàge is the Degas of design.


We know plenty of tips and tricks to maximizing the potential of the canvas you present us. So here are 10 of our favorite ways to give a room a makeover:


  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall; Using the reflection of mirrors can warm up a room and fool your guests into thinking an area has more square feet than it actually does
  2. Spice Things Up; Find a variety of textures in decorating materials can tie together a neutral color scheme that otherwise might be dull
  3. The 50/150 Rule; Choose a base color and mix one batch to be 50% lighter and one batch to be 50% darker for the perfect color family
  4. Curl Up; Your furniture choice should reflect how you want the room to be used. If you want settle into a cozy space, make sure the seating area of your furniture is vast, and skimp on the armrest
  5. Day and Night; Brighten a room that has darker accents by painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls
  6. Pillow Talk; Use pillows to accent a boring living couch, or give added comfort to a loveseat
  7. Anchor? I hardly know ‘er!; Ground a room with some skirted furniture, psychologically encouraging you to sit back and relax. Too many exposed furniture legs can give the room a cooler feeling
  8. Quality, Not Quantity; Don’t overcrowd a room. Choose fewer, higher quality pieces and you’ll spend less time bumping your pinky toe for a glass of water at night
  9. Eye See You; No matter what the dimensions of your home, hang your art pieces where people can see them best. A good rule of thumb is having your piece hit 57” (the average human eye height) off the ground, or 8-10” above a couch
  10. Do the Hokey-Pokey; Put your front feet (furniture feet) on a rug in a room to tie together a set

We don’t want to give all of our secrets away, but rest assured that we have plenty more up our sleeve. Not only that, but we learn through living as we customize our talents to our clients.

When you invite someone into your home, you’re showing off a very personal piece of yourself: your taste. Leave your guests jealous of the elegance of your exquisite style. Contact us to redesign your home: from kitchens to bathrooms, from nurseries to home offices, we’ve got you covered.

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